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I bought one bottle of the Hogz Ultimate Rimmer at the Wetaskiwin Christmas trade market today. I experimented on making oven baked chicken with just your spice rub. I've never done my roast chicken this way because usually I stuff it with my own recipe and my own soy marinade mix.

I was really surprised with the result. I never expected it to taste above my own standards. It was great! You have a one of a kind product! I'll try to get the cupboard spice next time. 

I will highly recommend your product to my friends and family. 

I've attached a photo of what I made for dinner. 

Thank you and best regards,


Wetaskiwin, AB

Got your Hogz Cupboard Spice from my brother-in-law. Do you have a place in Calgary to purchase your spice?


Hi there. We purchased one of the large bottles of Hogz Cupboard Spice at the Camrose Gun Show this past spring and LOVE it! And we're almost out! Is it possible to buy it on line and have it shipped?


Well, just to let you know, it's like magic in the bottle. Just throw the Hogz Cupboard Spice on some ribs, let her go over night,  into the oven at 300 f for a few hours, and guess what, nothing left to show you other than some bones .

Well done, we will be in touch .

Jasper, AB


Purchased some of your spice at an event in Camrose. We have friends who would like to get some also. Can you please let us know how to order?


Camrose, AB

I am looking for this Hogz Cupboard Spice. A friend of mine gave me a jar. It is the only way my daughter will eat french fries. Would love to get more!

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Looking for more Hogz Cupboard Spice blend. How can I purchase more?

Slave Lake, AB

I would like to know where or how to get more of your product.


Thanks. Found some at Grizzly Honda, best spice ever!

What's up buddy? I tend to cook more in the Summer but yesterday I decided to cook up a rabbit and I used the spice. It rocks man!!! Can't wait to use this on other meats. Very tasty. If you need a testimonial or you want more pics when I cook I can send them off to you.

Thanks again.


Hi there. I'm running really low on your excellent Hogz Cupboard Spice and I need to know how I can buy some more from you. I had bought it from you when you were at a trade fair in High Prairie. If you can give me a call or an email I'm willing to pay shipping costs to get more as I am not from the area. Thanks so much.


Hi, I was given as a gift, your Hogz Cupboard Spice, where can I get some more? This stuff is awesome. I use it every day on everything but I am starting to run out. Where can I purchase more please.

Edmonton, AB 

Good Morning,

I received your spice from a friend here in Fort McMurray, Alberta. It is absolutely delicious. I use this spice just about every time I cook something. It goes great on just about anything. I am getting low on it and I am wondering how I may get some more. I love it and I would love to have some more.

Hope to hear from you soon!!


Fort McMurray

Wondering if you still make the spice. If so, would like to order 4 bottles.


Whitecourt, AB

My brother lives in Swan Hills and he gave me some of your spice a while ago. I have run out and am wondering how to get some more.

Edmonton, AB

My grandson needs more, he puts it on everything! Even popcorn!

Just wondering if I can order any more spice???? Please call me.

Whitecourt, AB

Hi from Slave Lake AB - we always pick up some of your product at the High Prairie Gun show, but we have run out. Grizzly Ridge Honda is all sold out, so we were wondering if you could suggest an alternate source, thanks.

Slave Lake, AB

Good Morning!
I would like to get a few more containers with your spice - it's awesome!!!!!!
Talk to you soon.


Hi Mike

Is there any way I can buy a couple of bottles of your spice? My boys love it.

Take care I wish you all the best.



I have meant to write you since August when I came back to Newfoundland. I was at my daughter's house this summer and we used your spice with every meal. I have used nothing else since. It is very tasty.

 I hope you do well with this in the market place. I think it is a winner!!!

Take care.


I am sending you a couple of business cards for some fellas I gave your spice samples to, they love it and want some.



I absolutely love your Hogz Cupboard Spice and was wondering where I could buy more? I live in Camrose and first purchased it at the gun show months back.

Please let me know because I'd like to add some to a wedding gift basket!

Thank you,


Camrose, AB

Hello my boyfriend and I bought some spice from you at a gun show we really like it would like to order some more this is the one we have how do we go about getting some more.


​Grande Prairie, AB

Hi there,

I bought a bottle of your Hogzspice at one of the tradeshows in Olds. Would like to purchase more.



Hello: I live in Joussard, AB and would be interested in buying some more Hogz Cupboard Spice. How can I go about it? Can the product be mailed to me? Or do you sell it from a store in Swan Hills? Or have a distributor?

Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.


Joussard, AB

Good morning

Is it possible to order more of your hogz cupboard spice?

This is seriously awesome stuff, I use it on almost everything lol

If you can let me know, or are you planning on coming to any shows in Lloydminster this next month?



Lloydminster, AB